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Dragonfly Canyon Retreat under the majesty of the star-studded night sky near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Imagine periodically sponsors various workshops for women. Please contact us if you are interested in a workshop. Some of our titles include:
  • Seasons of the Soul
  • Journey to Center
  • Women and Relationships
Below is a sample of one of our workshops, Women and Relationships.

IMAGINE! retreats for women presented by
Charlotte Taft & Shelley Oram

Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you
But when I hate you, it’s because I love you...
You’ve got me in between
The devil and the deep blue sea.
paraphrase -Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen, 1931

Just the word makes us sigh--whether with contentment or frustration. Any relationship can be challenging, but often the most challenging are those that are most intimate and personal.

Wise teachers tell us that relationships can be pathways to healing---that we choose partners who will trigger our unhealed parts so that we can heal them. Yet when we’re in the middle of the relationship--in the thick of it--these gifts of ‘healing’ more often seem like torture! If insanity can be defined as ‘doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result, then even the best of relationships have their moments of insanity!

Whether you are currently single or ‘partnered’, gay or straight, join us for an exploration of what makes us choose the people we choose--and how we can transform the old patterns that we drag along with us into all our relationships.

Many of us find that the people we are most attracted to are also the most difficult for us. Some of us are caught in frustrating patterns of codependency, conflict, or control. Some of us have given up finding real partnership--and the old heartbreaks become part of our identities. Some of us are simply resigned to being loners---whether in relationship or not.
We will learn how to pause and make real choices in order to create new, intentional, adult patterns of connection and communication.

As women our hearts beat with ancient rhythms of power and nurturing. We are born with the potential for healing the earth as well as ourselves as we tap into our own wellspring of intuition and creativity .

IMAGINE retreats for women are extraordinary opportunities for growing and sharing---for encountering what stops you---for embracing what sustains you. We will blend mythology, nature, vision quest, journaling, guided imagery story-telling, meditation, , writing, art, group journeying, experiential and creative exercises to let us uncover our intuitive abilities and to help us know how to share our unique experience and sensibility.

In this retreat we will draw on a number of teachings including Psychodrama, Shamanic traditions, Codependency Recovery, Transformational Education, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, NLP and AIKI.

Through our work together we can remember what is most important to us---for what we are most profoundly grateful--and who we really are. We would love to share this with you!

Our incredibly beautiful natural setting forms the perfect backdrop for this exploration. Enjoy the charm of our secluded 30 acres with spectacular views of the mountains and the mesa rising dramatically behind us. We’ll have free time for walking/hiking in the pine forest, hot tubbing in cool evenings under the stars, and just relaxing. We have named our center Dragonfly Canyon Retreat.

Accommodations: We’ll share lodging in our home & retreat space and prepare food together. Please let us know if you have any special needs.

Schedule: We start with Dinner at 6 pm Friday, and end after lunch at 2 pm Sunday, .

Cost: $275 per person. Includes workshop, food, & accommodations. (Discounted fee of $490 for any 2 people registering together--bring a friend!)

Our incredibly beautiful natural setting forms the perfect backdrop for this exploration. Enjoy the charm of our secluded 30 acres with spectacular views of the mountains and the mesa rising dramatically behind us. We have named our center Dragonfly Canyon Retreat.

We’ll share lodging in our retreat space and our home, and we’ll prepare food together.

Flying/Driving - Fly into Albuquerque.
We are about 1.5 hours north of Albuquerque. You can rent a car at the airport. We can help arrange carpooling/shuttles. We are an 11 hour drive from Dallas/Ft. Worth. We’ll send directions upon registration.

We’re just 35 minutes from Santa Fe, the magical “City Different’. If you want to come before or stay after and explore, we can provide affordable accommodations in our retreat center. Web site for Santa Fe: Pecos: The famous Balloon Festival in Albuquerque has events on the evening of Sunday October 5, so flights will book fast. Be sure to make travel plans soon!

Web site for Santa Fe:
For Pecos:

“Thank you for the gift of wisdom
and intuition. My soul is renewed
and trust and peace fill the center
of me...Thank you forever more.”
-past participant

IMAGINE! Retreats

Shelley Oram and Charlotte Taft began IMAGINE! in 1988 to honor their vision of creating inspiration and empowerment for women. They are both Certified Hypnotherapists with advanced training in pain management and healing. Their education includes training in Psychodrama, NLP, Transformational Education, work with Death and Dying, Codependency Recovery, Conflict Resolution, Feminist Studies. 

IMAGINE! offers retreats for adventure, personal growth, and vision;
organizational development; as well as individual therapy.

Shelley Oram & Charlotte Taft
Box 428 Glorieta, NM 87535
505-757-2991 phone/fax

Contact us or visit our web sites:

“I have been to Dragonfly Canyon more than once for retreats and will continue to go as often as possible. For me it’s being there for the companionship of other women, for the guidance of Charlotte and Shelley, for the high desert air, and the sacred land.” -past participant

Our workshop space is available for rental for your own special event. The retreat house adjoins 800 sf meeting space that's perfect for a small workshop, family reunion, retreat, reception or meeting. We can arrange catering for you or you can prepare meals in the second floor kitchen. The meeting space can accommodate 20-25 people.

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